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Course Code 90211
Course Name Fashion Design
Department Head Arini Arumsari, S.Ds., M.Ds.
Department Secretary
Address Jl. Telekomunikasi No. 1 – Terusan Buah Batu
Post Code 40257
City Kab. Bandung
Telephone Number +6285220045875
Facsimile Number
Email Address
Title given Bachelor of Design (S.Ds.)
Brief Description Fashion Design study program is one of the leading study program in Telkom Creative Industry School that produces graduates who have the ability to design innovative fashion design and textiles based on the National Culture
Vision Becoming a flagship program study in Fashion Design and the center of Creativepreneur competence development  based on Information and Communication Technology
  1. Organize education to support creative-preneurship competence through excellent courses in the study programs to produce professional graduates in Textile Craft and Fashion
  2. Implement research based on creative-preneur competence development orientation to generate innovations in Textile Craft and Fashion that give real contribution to the growth of the national creative economy
  3. Implement community service activities to create creative-preneur candidates in the community that support life quality improvement and empowerment
  4. Utilize ICT development in Indonesia and use it as a means of publicizing the product results of the implementation of Textile Craft and Fashion science
Course Competence
  1. Being able to design fashion and textile products with the use of technology in creative and innovative ways to deal with the dynamic trends and conditions of the environmental problems
  2. Mastering the theory and knowledge of  fashion and textile design and is able to develop and communicating it
  3. Being able to make decisions independently on design academically and in leading the working group
  4. Having  attitude, aesthetic, appreciative and participative ethics in fashion design and textile products
 Learning Outcomes
  1. Students are able to identify, formulate problems  and address the needs of consumers through a simple process of research studies and supported by technology  in implementing product visualization that have economic value and function
  2. Students are able to explore the potential as well as the essence of the elements in National Culture tradition and implement them in accordance with the development of the phenomenon in the surrounding environment into products Textile Craft and Fashion
  3. Students are able to manage and create an independent business in the field of creative industries by utilizing the resources available in their environment effectively and efficiently
  4. Students are able to create tangible results of research that has the value of innovation and high economic value so as to contribute to the development of the Textile Craft and Fashion Study Program
  5. Students are able to take advantage of the development of ICT as a marketing digital for the products/creations

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