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Course Code 90201
Course Name Creative Arts
Department Head Didit Endriawan, S.Sn., M.Sn.
Department Secretary
Address Jl. Telekomunikasi No. 1 – Terusan Buah Batu
Post Code 40257
City Kab. Bandung
Telephone Number 62-22-88884025
Facsimile Number 62-22-88884028
Email Address
Title given Bachelor of Art (S.Sn.)
Brief Description Creative Arts study program (painting, photography and film, and intermedia) is one of the study programs in  Telkom Creative Industry School which has two specializations , among others ; Art and Sculpture . Several advantages possessed by PS – SR , among others : has a deep-rooted history settings since the establishment of Bandung STISI in 1990 ( later became STISI in 2011 ) and transformed into Telkom Creative Industry School in 2013 .Student proficiency in processing the material into a work of art as well as manifesting it in the academic area , briefing against self-employment in the creative industry where art is one of the sub- parts in it . Alumni have served themselves as  professional artists and art activists actively in the social field of Creative Arts . Alumni have relatively short waiting period , because they have been prepared early in such a way  to work independently and engage in the social field of Fine Arts as professional artists and activists in the field of creative industries.
Vision Becoming a superior Creative Arts study program to produce graduates who are professional, independent, creative, and competitive in the development of creative industries based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and based on culture of the archipelago
  1. Organizing creative arts education that produces graduates who are professional, independent, creative, and competitive in the field of creative industries;
  2. Developing  art and science and collaborate them with a variety of scientific fields, especially ICT;
  3. Processing national traditional elements with contemporary understanding to produce novel values that can be implemented through art works.
Course Competence
  1. Able to apply knowledge of creative art through the creation of original and monumental works of art  based on noble values of science, national culture and the utilization of information technology.
  2. Able to observe, analyze,  criticize and provide solution in critical and communicative way in order to increase public appreciation to fine Arts as well as in the efforts to develop the potential of creative Arts.
  3. Able to see and observe phenomena that occur in the world of Fine Arts in the context of history and contemporary to become material research in the development of the science of creative Arts.
  4. Able to effectively transfer knowledge  of creative Arts to students in the context of the learning process.
Learning Outcomes
  1. Increase the graduates who have insight into the social field of art as well as managerial ability, which is expected to compete in the ranks of world-class universities in next 5 years;
  2. Increase productivity in art by collaborating ICT (Information Communication Technology) media with national cultural insight and take an active role in the development of art both nationally and internationally;

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