To equip students with academic horizon, business, professions, as well as soft skills, the Link and Match curriculum is implemented through several strategies, i.e.:

  1. Combining theory and practice supported by laboratory work and full-time on the job training to develop student`s professional skills and experience at ICT companies under the supervision of academic and field supervisors,
  2. Inviting leading scientists and professionals to give special lectures and workshops,
  3. Fostering cross-cultural extra curricular activities.

Lecture activities at Telkom University take place as follows:

  1. 2 credit hours equal to 2 hours/week,
  2. 3 credit hours equal to 3 hours/week,
  3. 4 credit hours equal to 4 hours/week, and
  4. Tutorials should take about 1/3 of the total lecture hours in one semester.

Instructional languages are:

  1. Regular class: Indonesian
  2. International class: English

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