Tel-U Recognized as an Innovation Leader in WURI 2024 Rankings

Tel-U Recognized as an innovation leader in WURI 2024 Rankings. The World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI) 2024 is a prestigious global assessment that evaluates universities based on their innovative capacity and impact. WURI focuses on identifying institutions that excel in practical innovation, industry application, and societal contribution rather than traditional academic metrics alone.   […]


TELU INTERNATIONAL ADMISSIONS 2025. Telkom University, one of the best private universities in Indonesia, welcomes all international students to study and experience unforgettable academic journey for 2025 academic year. Telkom University offers not only the atmosphere of educational experience but also the journey to be better academics. Moreover, international students will meet and be educated […]

Online Joint Class Series with Universities in Malaysia

Online Joint Class Series with Universities in Malaysia. Telkom University is launching an important academic partnership with several esteemed Malaysian universities, such as Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), and Universiti Kelantan Malaysia (UKM). This partnership manifests as an Online Joint Class initiative, bringing together students and lecturers from all involved institutions. The […]

Spring Exchange at Saxion 2024

Spring Exchange at Saxion 2024. Saxion University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, with close to 27,000 students (and still growing!). Saxion University has a rich history – its roots can be traced back to 1875. A merger of two educational institutions, the Hogeschool Enschede and […]

Online Joint Class TelU UiTM 2024

Online Joint Class TelU UiTM 2024. Telkom University and Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia have initiated a dynamic collaboration through a series of Online Joint Class TelU UiTM 2024 scheduled from May 16, 2024, to June 7, 2024. This Online Joint Class TelU UiTM 2024 collaborative effort aims to enhance the educational experience of students by […]


TELU EXCHANGE PROGRAM FOR EVEN SEMESTER 2024/2025. A Program of Student Exchange for International Students at Telkom University in 2024/2025 awaits you international students. Feel the difference of academic atmosphere at Telkom University where technology meets creativity and when academics gather to contribute to the nation and the world. Telkom University, as one of the […]

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