Computer sCIENCE

Course Code 59202
Course Name Computing Science
Department Head Deni Saepudin, Dr.
Department Secretary
Address Jl. Telekomunikasi No. 1 – Terusan Buah Batu
Post Code 40257
City Kab. Bandung
Telephone Number +62227564108
Facsimile Number +62227564108
Email Address [email protected]
Title given Bachelor of Computing (S.Komp.)
Brief Description Computing Science study program provides knowledge to the students on the ability to solve real problems through a variety of computer calculations. For this purpose, the ability of the modeling will be sharpened so that skilled students expressed problems in the form of a mathematical model. Then the answers of real problems will be sought by solving a mathematical model with computational approaches, so that students will sharpen their abilities to create algorithms for problem solving. Along with the development of science and technology, real problems often appear in the form of complex and large scale and to solve them it requires a long computation time. Therefore, the ability to design an efficient computing algorithm and high performance (high performance computing) is being pursued in this program study.
Vision Becoming Computing Science program study that is able to produce graduates who are skilled, able to practice the science and develop themselves in the field of computational science and information technology.
Mission Organizing three responsibilities of education and industry service, developing an academic setting, empowering laboratories, developing appropriate curriculum based on competencies expected by the market, and improving cooperation with other institutions.
Course Competence Key Competencies:

  1. Have the ability to model a variety of real problems in areas such as information and communication
  2. Have the ability to design efficient algorithms for problems solving
  3. Have the ability to implement the computational techniques Supporting Competence:
    1. Able to apply mathematic skills, science and engineering in analyzing and solving computing problems
    2. Have the knowledge about the latest technological developments in the field of computing and supporting technology
    3. Have the ability to adapt and collaborate with other disciplines in the application and development of computational science
Learning Outcomes
  • Produce graduates who have the knowledge and expertise in the field of Computing Science and are capable of:
  • Understanding and modeling a problem
  • Designing an efficient algorithm to solve problems
  • Building a computing system that is technologically efficient with High Performance Computing.
  • Communicating and working together
  • Having entrepreneurial spirit