GetImage (3)Being a global community, we must take new experiences and one of them is studying abroad. Telkom University offers you an opportunity to study in one of Indonesia big city, Bandung with best education quality while learning Indonesia’s culture. International Office will help you to assist your college’s life and handle your academic-related things include your legality, passport, VISA, scholarships, and your grade. Feel free to ask us about further information, because we welcome you all to Telkom University.


There were 5 main reasons to choose Telkom University rather than any other universities in Indonesia:

1. Our Vision and Mission
To become a world class university which actively contributes to the development of knowledge and arts based on information technology, Telkom University seriously organize and develop international standard education. We create, implement, and disseminate science, technology, management, and art to prevent not only Intelligence quotient but also emotional and spiritual ones.

2. World Ranking and National Ranking
In less than 2 years, Telkom University has achieves:

  • School of Engineering School reach rank 154 of university rank across South East Asia (Webometrics version), rank 25 of Indonesia Smart Campus.
  • School of Economic & Business reach rank 2 national business school, rank 28 in Asia Pacific and rank 154 in worldwide (Webometrics version)
  • School of Aplied Science School rank 7 Indonesia Polytechnic (Webometric version 2014)
  • Telkom University is the Top 10 Private University in Indonesia (Webometric Rating Version 2014)
  • Telkom University is a Top 100 of 400 Indonesian Version (Webometric Rating 2014)

3. Located in Bandung, one of big city in Indonesia

The campus of Telkom University is located within four hours from the International Airport Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta (CGK) and just 30 minutes from Husein Sastranegara Airport Bandung (BDO). The address is on Telekomunikasi Street, Terusan Buah Batu, Bandung, West Java. Bandung is one of multicultural city nicknamed ‘Parijs Van Java’ by the Dutch for its resemblance to Paris and European atmosphere back at the colonial times.

4. The First University in Indonesia which focusing in ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology) sector.

5. Strong industry connection – Link and match with Telecommunication Industry

PT. Telkom Indonesia is supporting this program by giving the experience for the students to conducting Internship 2 times as mandatory program and 1 time as optional program.

6. Practical course

There are many ways that Tel-U builds real experience into our courses. As a Tel-U student you may undertake industry experience or real projects as parts of your course.

7. Having best environment for studying and develop the knowledge

Telkom University located in a peaceful area which is best for students to study and develop the knowledge.

8. Experience different cultures

Nearly 6.000 students in a year from all over Indonesian region choose to study at Tel-U. Many Tel-U lecturer and tutors have worked or study overseas also have international qualifications. Tel-U also promotes and celebrates cultural diversity on campus. You might take part in events such as Students Art Unit from Makassar, Java, Sunda, Aceh and also any other multicultural activities.

9. We are Active in Research and Competition Handling

Telkom University has many researches in several different fields conducted by the students and lecturers in collaboration with national and international universities or industries partners.

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We have achieved many National and International competition, such as: Indonesia Robot Contest Regional II, Asia Cheer leading Invitational Championship, Best Art of National Gallery Exhibition, and many more.


Year Rank Level
Award Organizer/
2013 1st Winner National
Indonesia ICT Award 2013
(INAICTA 2013)
Ministry of Communication and Information of Republic Indonesia Students Team (Brainstat)
1st Winner National
(SME Application)
Students Team
1st Winner Regional II Indonesian Fire Fighter Wheeled Robotic Contest 2013 (KRPAI 2013) Ministry of Education & Culture of Republic Indonesia Students Team
(Azkaizan 4WD)
Silver Medal National
(Embedded System)
National Students Championship on ICT (geMasTIK 2013) Ministry of Education & Culture of Republic Indonesia Students Team
(Fire Man)
Silver Medal National
(Software Design)
Students Team
(Tim FIF)
Silver Prize International Busan Choral International Competition and Festival
South Korea
Korea Choral Institute – Busan Cultural Center Students Team
(TEBS Tel-U Choir)
Gold Medal International
International Praga Cantat Bohemian Festival 2013 – Czech Republic World Federation of International Music Competitions Students Team
(TEBS Tel-U Choir)
Silver Medal International
2014 1st Winner Regional II (Wheeled) Indonesian Fire Fighter Wheeled Robotic Contest 2014

(KRPAI 2014)

Ministry of Education & Culture of Republic Indonesia Students Team
(Azkaizan 4WD)
3rd Winner Regional II (Legged) Students Team
1st Winner National
(Industrial Automation and Electronics)
National Electronics Creation Championship 2014 (LCEN 2014) Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Students Team
(Elka Squadron)
The Excellent TeSCA Achiever
(University Category)
Smart Campus Award 2014
PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk, Directorate General and  Directorate Education of the Ministry of Education & Culture of Republic Indonesia, DeTIKNas, Aptikom Telkom University
1st Winner National
(Fixed Wing)
Indonesian Flying Robot Contest 2014 (KRTI 2014) Ministry of Education & Culture of Republic Indonesia Students Team (Ababil APTRG)
1st Winner National
(Rotary Wing)
Students Team
(Bangau APTRG)
2nd Winner National
(Rotary Wing)
Students Team
(Bahjan APTRG)
3rd Winner National
(Fixed Wing)
Students Team
(Pterodrone APTRG)
1st Winner National

(Application of Higher Education)

Indonesia ICT Award 2014
(INAICTA 2014)
Ministry of Communication and Information of Republic Indonesia Students Team
1st Winner National IPB Business Festival (IBF) 2014
(Business Simulation Challenge)
Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) Students Team (Search)
1st Winner of Asian region/ 6th Winner of the World International Global Cyberlimpics 2014 Barcelona Online Ethical Hacking dan Computer Network Defense Game Students Team
(Foresty – Forensic and Security)
Merit Award International

(Application Tools and Platforms)

Asia Pacific ICT
Alliance Award 2014
(APICTA 2014)
Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Students Team FTE (Turangga)
Bronze Medal National
(Network Security)
National Students Championship on ICT (geMasTIK 2015) Ministry of Education & Culture of Republic Indonesia Students Team FIF (Faculty of Informatics)
Silver Medal National
(Local Culture Animation)
Students Team FIK (Faculty of Creative Industry)
The Best Innovation International
(Application Development)
Asia Pacific Innovative Services ICT Award 2014, Taiwan Chinese Society for Information Management, Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan, Ministry of Education Taiwan, and the Taipei Computer Association Students Team FIF
2nd Winner National
(Saving Energy and Environmental Safety)
National Enjinia Product Innovation Competition (LIPEN) 2014 Ministry of Cooperatives and Small & Medium Enterprises RI Students Team FIF
3rd Winner Regional
(Unconventional Media for HKI)
Caraka Festival 2014 Association of Indonesian Advertising Company (P3I) Central Java and Suara Merdeka Students Team DKV-FIK
The Best Three International
(Software Development)
Nasser bin Hammad World Young Innovator Award 2014 The Kingdom of Bahrain Students Team FIF
2015 Runner Up International University
Mobile Challenge 2015
Applied Innovative Institute Students Team FIF
1st Winner National Mandiri
Young Technopreneur 2014
Bank Mandiri Technopreneur Indonesia Students Team FTE (Faculty of Telecommunication Engineering) and FIF