Student Buddy Club (IOSBC)

Student Buddy Club (IOSBC)

International Office Student Buddy Club (IOSBC) was established under direct supervision of International Office Telkom University management in the early August 2014. IOSBC is an organization of Tel-U active students who are willing to learn and get priceless experience during their study in Telkom University (Tel-U). IOSBC aims at assisting and ensuring you have positive experience at Telkom University during your studies and assist you to settle in Bandung during your first months. We are here for you as your close friend and assist you to adapt with Indonesian culture as well as academic related matters.

We understand that going far away from home is frightening, that’s why we provide you “student buddies”. What is student buddies? Student Buddies are students who work in volunteering basis, providing assistance to international students. Especially on their first few months to adapt the Indonesian culture and the university environment.

Meeting you during your first week, If you are an international student from another country, you will most likely to meet one of the student buddy upon your arrival in the airport or any other pick up points. Your buddy will assist your way to Telkom University. You don’t have worry about getting lost, they got your back!

Guiding your way around, like we mention earlier of getting lost. Buddy will assist you in your academic matters and will assist you on your first arrival to your dormitory room.

Activities, Buddy isn’t only about assisting your academic issues or dormitory issues, but buddy will also arrange activities to build a stronger relationship between you and buddies and between you and another international students.

But most importantly Buddy is your friend. They will be the first person you mingle with. They will also be there with you with a cup of tea accompanying you getting over your homesickness and guiding you throu all of the cultural shock you have. Not to forget, they will be the first person you will roam around Bandung with.

Pham Truc (Vietnam), “Among 6 universities in Indonesia that I know, only Telkom University has international buddy club ( that helps international students). They did more than help, I would call …they do care about us, both physical and mental care. I do appreciate it very much! Everybody is friendly and humor. I hope our IOSBC will become pinoneer for other universities so that we can exchange and share information, experience. Let’s make IOSBC greater!”

Kim Heon Ah (Korea), ” I think buddy program ia good. Because my Korea university also has buddy, and I work in there. It little bit hard to assemble and hangout all international students, but some international students can receive to help from Buddy”.

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