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Becoming a center of research, innovation and the development of multimedia competence master in multimedia technology, multimedia content and media for the multimedia content distribution competitive in both national and international.


  1. To provide education for IT professionals who are creative, innovative, good character, noble, communicative, insightful and have competence in Multimedia.
  2. Conducting the development and research in Multimedia System which covers these expertise: Multimedia Technology, Multimedia Content and Media of Multimedia Content distribution.
  3. Developing a vocational curriculum based on analytical and practical skills as per the Multimedia of Human Resource Industry needs.
  4. Establish cooperation with various stakeholders of education, government, private and industry for adjusting the needs of graduates and the development of learning process.



Implementation of Information & Communication Technology now days has become an inseparable needs of various activities. The rapid development of ICT is increasing along with the human needs for technology that helps the efficiency and effectiveness of work.

In the last few years there has been an evolution of electronic devises, mobile device replacing the role of PC desktop in helping human’s work. Mobile devices are not only used for communication needs, but also for office, education, health, entertainment, games, navigation, and also business or financial services. All of the facilities are supported by the development of hardware devices, advanced software content, distributing media (such as wire or wireless networks) to deliver the content.

Multimedia system plays an important role in the development of technology of ICT device, interactive contents and technology to distribute contents that help human’s needs. The developed technology is a collaboration of the use of multimedia tools and the application of interactive and interconnected content (wire or wireless technology). Technology of multimedia will help the utility of ICT devices and help to deliver more interactive content. This field will grow over a considerable period of time, especially with the support of the development of multimedia device and creative interactive content. Indonesia itself has set the Creative Content Industry as the part of the vision of developing Indonesia’s Creative Economy. This condition becomes a strong foundation to open the Diploma program of Multimedia System, it present to improve the quality of human resources for the developed multimedia technology, multimedia content and media for distribution.


The main study in System Multimedia Diploma covers the field of multimedia technology and content multimedia, and focusing scientific development in the field of information technology. System Multimedia Diploma is not only about development of interactive and engaging media content, but also considers the aspects of storage and data compression, tools and variation of content storages. Visualization of this development of system multimedia can be seen from the following figure:


1 HUH1X2 Religious and Ethical Education 2
LUH1A2 Indonesia Language 2
SMH1F3 Technical Mathematic 3
SMH1B3 Software Engineering 3
SMH1C4 Algorithms and Data Structures 4
SMH1D3 2D Visualization and Animation (Adobe) 3
SMH1E2 Introduction of Multimedia 2
2 LUH1B2 General English I 2
DUH1E2 ICT Literacy 2
SMH2F3 Discrete Mathematics 3
SMH2G3 Object-Oriented Programming 3
SMH2H3 Graphics and Computer Image 3
SMH2I3 3D Visualization and Animation 3
SMH2J2 Human and Computer Interaction 2
3 SMH2A2 General English II 2
SMH2B3 Multimedia Technology 3
 SMH2C3 Mathematic Logic 3
SMH2D3 Web-based programming 3
SMH2E3 Hardware and Computer Network 3
SMH2F4 Database 4
SMH2G2 Project Multimedia 1 2
4 SMH2H2 Physical Education 2
SMH2I2 Operating System 2
SMH2K2 Entrepreneurship 3
SMH2L4 Basic Game Programming 4
SMH2M4 Analysis and Design of System Multimedia 4
SMH2N3 Software Testing 3
SMH2O3 Probability and Statistics 2
5 SMH3I2 General English III 2
SMH3K2 Internship 2
SMH3G3 Project Multimedia 2 3
SMH3A3 Advanced Game Programming 4
SMH3B3 Artificial Intelligence 3
SMH3C3 User Interaction Design 3
SMH3D3 Digital Signal Processing 3
6 SMH3A2 Professional Development 2
SMH3B2 Gamification 3
SMH3M3 Multimedia Embedded System 4
SMH3V3 Management of Project Multimedia 3
SMH3E2 Research Methodology 2
SMH3F3 Web Technology 3
SMH3L3 Real Time System 3
7 SMH4F3 General English IV 2
HUH1G3 Civic Education 3
SMH4H4 Programming of the Motion Device 4
SMH4I2 Cloud Computing 2
SMH4K4 Project Multimedia 3 4
8 SMH4T6 Final Project 6
SMH4M6 Internship 6


Graduates Profile

The graduates of System Multimedia Diploma are expected to have expertise in technology developing, multimedia content, multimedia distribution, multimedia content wire or wireless network, as well as the measurement of created multimedia. The final result of the expertise and graduates competence made by three main reference: Study programs, characteristic of School of Applied Science, and industry requirement. Graduates of System Multimedia Diploma are expected to have expertise in development. The graduates are also expected to have expertise in development of multimedia technology interactive and gaming development which followed with content distribution and measurement of the product. Specification of graduates that suits the needs above are:

  1. Have 2D/3D design and animation skills.
  2. Expertise in multimedia devices.
  3. Expertise in interactive multimedia technology.
  4. Expertise in gaming
  5. The ability to measure the created multimedia system, to provide product at its best.
  6. The ability of communicating and having integrity and willingly to work hard.


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